New Blog

In which I explain this new blog thing and how it works.

I have done what it seems like every web developer does at one point or another: I wrote a blog system. Mine is a bit different, though. Since I am primarily a front-end developer (well, I enjoy front-end more, anyway), I didn’t want to create a blog system using any back-end framework.

So I made it so small and simple, that I don’t need any fancy back-end. If it can host some static files, it can host my blog.

The basic idea is that Angular and ngRoute handle the heavy lifting, a JSON file on the server handles the post listing, and I write posts in raw HTML (or Markdown then convert to HTML). Bootstrap handles the layout and styles.


I fully acknowledge that this is not a perfect system.

First, there is no paging in the list view. For now, that’s OK since I don’t have many posts, but I’m not sure what the performance would look like with lots of posts. At least I’ll have some time before I run into that. Second, the list view, with the fancy columns, looks kind of crappy with very few posts. That is pretty easy to solve, though, as I just need to write some. I have a few in mind, so that problem should go away soon enough.

Also, I’m not sure how I’m going to make an RSS feed. That’ll come later.

Why Angular? Why Bootstrap?

First, let’s address the Angular thing. It’s a bit heavy for what I’m using, and I’m not even coming close to using all of its features. My response? Meh. I like Angular, it’s not that heavy and I’m using their CDN. I’m also not using Angular 2, but that’s because I haven’t really gotten around to learning it. Maybe I’ll convert the blog to using it when it gets released.

Now, Bootstrap. I said I’m a front-end developer, yet I’m using a framework? And I’m not even styling it myself? Yes and yes. For now. I’ll probably fiddle with the styles of this blog forever, so don’t expect Bootstrap to stay around forever.


I built a blog. It’s simple, it’s not perfect, it’s rough in some places, but it’s also a start. It can be improved, and I’ll probably improve it as I go.

Update: Hexo

I’ve given up on this idea and am trying something new.