In which I rewrite my entire blog.

I gave up on my new blog already. I came to the realization that using Angular and having it entirely powered on the front-end was just too limiting. I couldn’t figure out good a way to add the correct meta tags for each post. I couldn’t figure out a way to make RSS work. Having the post metadata separate from the post content just made it not work.

It was a good concept, but required too many little hacks for me to get it working easily.

Enter Hexo.

Hexo is a static blog/site generator. Whenever that kind of thing comes up, Jekyll seems to be the go-to. But Jekyll requires Ruby, and Ruby on Windows seems like a nightmare. Hexo is similar, but uses Node. Node on Windows has it’s issues, but is much easier to deal with.

All I’ve done for now is post the existing blog to Hexo and made my own theme that I can build on in the future. There’s still improvements to be done. Pagination, RSS, and correct meta tags are still missing, but they should be easier to add.