WWDC Thoughts

My thoughts after watching (most) of the WWDC keynote.


I鈥檓 leaning towards an Apple Watch now. Before the keynote, the watch only struck me as the kind of thing that I wouldn鈥檛 buy for myself but would love if I got as a gift. watchOS 3 makes a much better case for me actually buying a watch on my own. I鈥檒l probably still be able to resist, though (mostly because I have a feeling there might be a new watch in the fall).


OS X, it鈥檚 been fun. Aside from Siri, this seems like a relatively minor update.


Lots of changes, but the overall look is much better than current iOS. Buttons have borders again and Apple has rediscovered bold fonts. I might even give maps another try. My only concern is the large amount of things you can do from the lock screen. It鈥檚 convent, but it might be confusing. I鈥檒l have to wait and see how it works on device to make some real judgements.

Apple Music

Another case of Apple listening and improving. The UI and UX look like they do a much better job of keeping you awake of where you are in the application. Hopefully the recommendations only get better (they were pretty great when I used it). I鈥檒l probably switch back from Spotify when iOS 10 comes out.


Wow. Shots fired. At Google. Point blank. From a user鈥檚 perspective, it鈥檚 amazing and intuitive. From a developer鈥檚 perspective, I鈥檓 really curious how they are doing all of this processing on device without either turning your phone into a space heater and/or stroking your battery.


Am I old? I don鈥檛 get the new messaging things. I鈥檓 sure that youths will love them, but I don鈥檛 really care.


*crickets* I guess buying a surface was well-timed.