AWH is Hiring

The company I work for needs more people!

I鈥檝e worked for AWH since May of 2013. I started a week after I graduated from Marietta. The company has always been small (around 10-15 developers) and I鈥檝e gotten to work on a huge variety of projects. It鈥檚 always been a fun place to work, with a pretty relaxed atmosphere and lots of great little perks (3D printer, Starship Simulator, Stir Trek, etc).

We also have a lot more (big) projects coming up, and we need some more people. Here鈥檚 what we鈥檙e looking for:

  • We need a person that can help with architecture and can do UX/UI wire-framing. High-level stuff, some planning, some development work.
  • We need a recruiter. Someone that can do after-hours events and represent AWH while looking for new technical people to hire. If we get the right person, we may start sponsoring some events (t-shirts!).
  • We need developers! We mostly do web sites and web apps using .NET as a back-end. We鈥檝e also done mobile using Xamarin and Ionic. Each project is different and we like to try new things if we think they鈥檒l fit the project. A willingness to learn is a must.

AWH is based in Columbus, Ohio with the main office in Dublin.

If you鈥檙e interested, reach out to Chris Slee and be sure to mention me.

Note: I get a bonus if someone I referred is hired (and stays). Just to be clear.