LexiTiles is Free

LexiTiles is now free for everyone.

Yesterday I made LexiTiles, my word game for iOS and Android, free to download. It previously cost $0.99.

Why Free?

Well, to be honest, it wasn鈥檛 making any money. I got a handful of sales when I launched almost a year ago, but almost nothing since then. I鈥檝e considered other options to make a little money off of it (more below), but I don鈥檛 rely on it, so the price was just holding it back. So I made it free and hopefully it鈥檒l get some more downloads and more people will have some fun with it.

It is still a game, after all, and it should be enjoyed.

What鈥檚 Next?

I do want to make version 2.0. I have some ideas for gameplay improvements and tweaks, but mostly I just want to rewrite it using Angular 2 and Ionic 2. At the very least, I鈥檒l be adding a dark mode.

Also, more as an experiment, I鈥檒l probably put ads in LexiTiles 2.0. They鈥檒l be as unobtrusive and non-creepy as I can make them, I promise.

What Now?

Go download it if you didn鈥檛 buy it before! Enjoy and have some fun!

Update: Download links are gone. I cannot support the app anymore. It may return later.