New Theme

Playing with some new styles.

If you hadn鈥檛 noticed, the look of the site has changed slightly. While I did kind of like the raw Bootstrap look, it was always meant as a placeholder for a better, more custom theme.

And here it is! Looks pretty nice, right?

It鈥檚 mostly an expansion on the last theme. I liked the card aspect of the blog list. It provides a nice way to browse posts and it鈥檚 a nice departure from the normal list that just about every site uses.

On the technical side, I put it together using SCSS with some basic typography styles that I grabbed from Bootstrap 4. Hexo, through a renderer plugin, supports compiling SCSS as part of it鈥檚 normal pipeline. As with a lot of Hexo, there isn鈥檛 a lot of documentation and basically no examples. I鈥檒l probably write another post about what I eventually worked out.

The new look is just a start. I鈥檒l keep tweaking and changing, but this is a great first step.