MX Master 2S

Some observations on a new mouse

A couple of weeks ago, my wrist started to hurt. I go see my doctor and am told I have a kind of tendinitis in my right hand, specifically around the tendon for my thumb. It’s not a big problem, but it turns out my trackball use isn’t super great for it.

Now I love my trackball, and I’ve been using one almost constantly for 3 years now, but I recognize when it’s time to change up the routine. So I got a new mouse.

Enter the Logitech MX Master 2S.

I’ve had it for a few days now and thought I might as well post some thoughts and observations.

  • It’s very well made. I’ve honestly come to expect a lot from Logitech hardware. The MX Ergo is very solid, too. The M570 felt flimsy, but was really a brick. I’ve had some wireless keyboards that have seemed pretty cheap, but that’s because they really were. Pro tip: don’t go cheap with inputs.
  • It’s reasonably comfortable to use. I would like it to be a bit bigger, but it’s very light and easy to move around. The MX Ergo have me a place to put my whole hand, while I’m still not sure where to place my pinky on the MX Master.
  • Flywheel scrolling is awesome. It’s not actually the most useful thing, to be honest, but it’s just so satisfying. You can switch between normal (ratcheted) scrolling for flywheel with the press of a button. Even better is to enable SmartShift (which is on by default, and I stupidly disabled right away) which will leave normal scrolling on until you flick the wheel quickly. Having the software determine when to release the wheel does actually make it more useful.
  • The buttons are a mixed bag:
    • The main left and right buttons are fine.
    • The scroll wheel click feels better on the MX Ergo, but is also fine.
    • I love the button on the bottom of the thumb rest, which I have assigned to Windows’ task view. It’s defaulted to a gestures button, but gestures on a mouse always kind of suck so I reassigned it.
    • The horizontal scroll wheel is kind of cool, but just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t help that the various apps I use have pretty spotty support for horizontal scrolling.
    • The back and forward buttons are the only ones I actively dislike. They are too close together and too difficult to feel and press. Right now I have them assigned to different keystrokes on an app-by-app basis, but they just aren’t as useful as the equivalent buttons on the MX Ergo and the M570.

That’s about it for now. I’m satisfied with it so far. I plan on swapping it out with the MX Ergo from time to time. Since both support switching between multiple saved connections, they are both set up to connect to my laptop and desktop.