iPhone 13 mini

Quick thoughts on a tiny phone.

After digging through my old posts, I realized I never wrote anything about getting an iPhone 11 Pro two years ago. I guess that鈥檚 for good reason, though, as upgrading from the X to the 11 Pro wasn鈥檛 that big of a jump. Sure, the cameras got better but the phone was the same basic shape with the same great screen.

This year I decided to get an iPhone 13 mini. As compared to the jump from the X to the 11 Pro, the jump from the 11 Pro to the 13 mini is quite substantial. As usual with these kind of things, I don鈥檛 want to write a full review. Plenty of others have already done that. I just want to share some thoughts.

  • I love the size and shape. The mini is barely bigger than my favorite iPhone, the 5S. And the flat sides make it feel much smaller than it actually is while making it easy to grip. It鈥檚 really, really nice.
  • Despite the size, it actually renders to the screen at the same resolution as the X/XS/11 Pro, so while things are smaller, the same amount of content is being displayed. Cool.
  • The cameras are really good. I miss the zoom lens a bit but I think I鈥檒l get over it.
  • The camera bump is massive. I still hate these bumps because they force me to use a case so that the phone can lay flat on a table or desk. With the larger bump, even the cases have to have ridges around the cameras so it鈥檚 now impossible to lay this phone flat on any surface. 馃憥
    • I spent a lot of time researching cases desperately trying to find one that had a flat back. I eventually gave up and got the Apple leather case, which is what I鈥檝e been using since the 6S (when I first got an iPhone with a camera bump). It鈥檚 fine but the camera ridge/ring is annoying.
  • I have yet to notice any difference in speed from the processor or 5G. iPhones are just so fast that it doesn鈥檛 really matter anymore.
  • It鈥檚 too early to say anything about battery life. It drained really fast for the first couple of days, probably due to more usage plus the usual new phone background stuff, but I think it will be perfectly fine in the long run.

Thanks to u/fresk0 for a copy of the stock iPhone 13 blue wallpaper.