F1 in 2017

Some thoughts and observations after one race.

Posted 2017-03-29

About Me

I'm a web developer in Columbus, OH. I like technology, racing, and general nerdiness.

--Andrew Moscardino

The Apple Watch

I bought one and I like it.

Posted 2017-02-21

Rules for News Consumption

Ways to keep up with the times while staying sane.

Posted 2017-02-09

Heart of Gold - Build Update 3

It's done! (sort of)

Posted 2017-01-06

New Theme

Playing with some new styles.

Posted 2016-12-11

What Comes Next?

Moving forward after a big step backwards.

Posted 2016-11-13

Heart of Gold - Build Update 2


Posted 2016-10-31

Heart of Gold - Build Update 1

What I have and what I need.

Posted 2016-10-24

Building the Heart of Gold

I'm going to build a gaming PC.

Posted 2016-10-06

The iPhone 7 Plus

Thoughts and observations on a new phone.

Posted 2016-10-04

LexiTiles is Free

LexiTiles is now free for everyone.

Posted 2016-09-15

FTP Deployments with Hexo

Automating deployments with Hexo

Posted 2016-09-14

Placeholder Matching

Matching input and dropdown placeholder styles (mostly).

Posted 2016-09-12